Brooklyn Smorgasburg


Wow…I mean wow. If you love food and you’re in the Greater New York Area do yourself a favor and head over to Brooklyn’s Smorgasbord because if you love food you are going to be in culinary heaven. 

Its a roundup of all sorts of different foods. Its a little pricy but well worth it.

There are numerous vendors serving everyone’s culinary tastes and desires. Here’s what I got.

Chicken Mofongo – for those of you that don’t know what this is stop reading this head to google and google it because you’re going to be happy you did and even happier when you find somewhere close to you that makes it.

Pork Soup dumplings – I had never had dumplings this way but they were mmmm, yes they were good. Filled with pork, steamed and sitting in this amazing broth – find them, eat them.

Duck confit dumplings – the title should say it all.

Several tacos from Takumi Tacos and Oaxaca Taqueria (try them both, your stomach will love you for them).

I am definitely going back so I will do a better job of what I eat and pictures.

Bueno Provecho! 


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